#AskMargie: Valentine’s Day Q&A

It's February and #AskMargie will be talking about Valentine's all-month long. This week , a Q&A on Valentine's day

MANILA, Philippines – It’s the first day of the love month and this February, clinical psychologist Dr. Margie Holmes will be discussing several topics about Valentine’s Day.
This week she entertains general questions about V-Day.


We’re entering the month of love and that means one thing: Valentine’s Day. Some people love it, some people hate it, so we’re going to explore
several themes regarding this topic.

For today’s episode, we’ll discuss your questions and sentiments about February 14. Let’s begin with your comments:

Skizofrenic says: People want to be creative para daw maging special ang Valentine’s day for their loved ones. Pero utang na loob, before you come up with ideas, please make sure that you have already ordered the flowers. Call me old fashioned, or even a show-off, but that’s the default gift during Valentine’s day. Imagine if you didn’t get flowers, tapos the next day, your friends talk about the flowers they got, wawa ka naman! Sounds mababaw but it’s a big deal for me! Sabi ng asawa ko, flowers first before you get de-flowered!

Moi: Good one, Skizofrenic. Thanks so much for admitting to being old fashioned, a very non-PC thing to be these days. I’m so happy you are an incurable you’re a romantic who believes in flowers, chocolates, the whole shebang! Including being “deflowered”.

Ayahn Lorenzo: Can’t people be more creative?! Why give your beloved something that withers and dies?! It’s very sad to see all the pretty flowers in suffocating plastic wrappers.

Christian George Francisco asks a great question: :

Christian George Francisco: What are your must-do activities during Valentine’s Day? Should the Valentine season be romanticized?

MOI: My feeling is that there are should be no shoulds for Valentines Day. Since it’s supposed to be a day for lovers, Why not do things you’re sure your beloved will enjoy?

Joiz Matignas, though, has a suggestion:

Joiz Matignas: Should we remember Valentine’s as a day to spend time in motels?

ANSWER: Depends on whether you’re responding as a businessman, a pragmatist, or as a romantic. I mean, what if the only realistic choice where privacy is concerned is a motel?

Orly Tugob asks something along the same vein: Should government regulate motels during valentines day? For example, no rooms available for legit users 3 days before and after Valentines, no promo offers and price increases?

Bert Quibuyen comments: Following the same line of reasoning, should movie theaters charge more for last row balcony seats on Valentine’s Day? Should Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra cost more on Valentine’s Day? How about condoms?

To which Alfie Mella responds: When there is no really clear regulatory rule concerning how much motels should charge, the operators will simply work on the premise of supply and demand. Meaning, if the demand is high–for instance, Valentine season–then they will charge more. When it’s ordinary season, they will revert to the standard charge. When the season is low, they will even give discounts or extended hours for lower rates.

Philip Reyes: I think Valentines Day should be a holiday to let couples do whatever they want. Go to the movies, play games together, or just fuck each other.
This applies to both straight and gay couples. I think it would be wonderful if people smile to see two guys holding each other or tear up to see a lady buying little stuff for her girlfriend.

Dr. Holmes: I agree with you 100%, Phillip.

– Rappler.com