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Violence reigns in ‘Bang Bang Alley’

Dindin Reyes
Violence reigns in ‘Bang Bang Alley’
First time film directors Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, and King Palisoc present Bang Bang Alley

MANILA, Philippines – Violence is a beast that takes many shapes and sizes.

Filipino film anthology Bang Bang Alley brings this to life on screen with 3 short stories all centered on the instinct to harm. First time film directors Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, and King Palisoc present their personal take on what Filipino violence looks like.

The project began as a music video concept for the song “Pusakal” by Pupil, a band Buendia sings in, and Yuzon used to be a part of. What started out as a faux film trailer for the song actually became the short films Aso’t Pusa’t Daga (directed by Yuzon), Makina (directed by Palisoc), and Pusakal (directed by Buendia).

The title Bang Bang Alley is the brainchild of Buendia. It’s a reference to an old girly bar in Cubao called Alibangbang frequented by men from the working class and students on a tight budget. Mirroring its namesake, the anthology shows that events have two faces – the light and the dark. In Bang Bang Alley, the dark side is the breeding ground for destructive passion, greed, and mindless ambition.

In this video, the 3 directors talk about kickstarting the project, their thoughts on violence, and how they feel about their first feature film.


Bang Bang Alley, starring Jimmy Santos, Bela Padilla, Joel Torre, Art Acuña, Gabe Mercado, Althea Vega, Kalila Aguilos, Megan Young and Perla Bautista, opens on Wednesday, April 9. –

Associate Producer: Dindin Reyes
Cameraman: Charles Salazar, Adrian Portugal
Video Editor: Exxon Ruebe

Additional footage from: Bang Bang Alley trailer, Ely Buendia, King Palisoc, Fully Booked’s Live the Story

Additional photos from: Pong Ignacio, Yan Yuzon, Bang Bang Alley Facebook page

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