WebHits: Milky Way time-lapse video

WebHits: Milky Way time-lapse video
This time-lapse video captures the best of nature's spectacle

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MANILA, Philippines – Sky watchers have long marveled at the beauty of nature, but throw in powerful cameras, great timing and photographic skills and you can come up with something like this: a time-lapse video featuring images of the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, and thunderstorms.

Randy Halverson put together this video compiling footage from April to November 2013 in South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Titled “Huelux,” the time-lapse video is a labor of love: well-planned shoots in various weather conditions, capturing thunderstorms and the Milky Way, and rolling clouds that made for good sunrise and sunset shots.

Look closely and you might even spot slow and fast moving satellites and a few meteors.

Halverson details the preparation and planning he made for the video on his website, dakotalapse.com.


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