#AskMargie: What to do if someone lies to you?

We will get lied to, but what should we do about it?

MANILA, Philippines – This week on #AskMargie, Dr. Margie Holmes talks about what to do if and when you find out that someone lied to you.


On this, our third and final episode, we’ll explore the situation when someone has actually lied to you and what you can do about it. Thus, not prevention, but emotional damage control (for one) and yes, attempt to avoid future occurrences.

But first, people suggested you have to catch them at their lies since many don’t admit it:

Carlos Gonzales: The only way to stop a liar is to catch them in the act.

To catch them, you need to ask the right questions that will expose the
inconsistencies sa sinasabi nila

Henry Andrade: Embarrass them with the truth.

Carolina Rosario Santos Ruiz: You can’t stop them but it’s possible to catch them by skillfully asking the right series of questions. (Otherwise known as cross examination, hehe)

Anna Leah: A lawyer can uncover the truth with training and skills.

As you can see, all pretty adversarial, which happens talaga if you’ve been lied to many times.

But let’s now go to the 2nd part of this episode: Is there anything we can we do to make people lie to us less?

Alfie Mella: One way is to accept that it is okay if we don’t achieve everything that we want. It’s okay if we’re not always the winner, that we will be losers once in a while.

Mharcus FireSnake: Have I injected something that forced him to lie? Then I changed. I changed as much as possible the factors that caused him to not tell the truth, then I expect from him the truth.

Leila L. Fernandez-distajo: Can’t stop if a person’s belief is that lying is just part of his system… unless he will have a conversion experience.

Ella Ola- Kintanar: I agree about the conversion experience. When I was a new Christian, I tried to stop lying and became more conscious of this “sin.”

As Jean Paul Sartre once said: “The worst part of being lied to is knowing that you are not worth the truth.”

The more we understand the repercussions of our actions, perhaps the more we will do all we can to stick to the unvarnished truth. And hopefully, the important people in our lives will do the same.

That’s it for today. Have you another point you wish to bring up? Can you suggest a factor we could’ve explored even further? Comment below so we know what you’re thinking and feeling?

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