Beyond Makati: Senate resumes Binay probe
Beyond Makati: Senate resumes Binay probe
The Senate Blue Ribbon committee resumes its probe into charges against Vice President Jejomar Binay

MANILA, Philippines – It’s back to the Senate for the accusers of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

This time, the probe will include the Vice President’s ties with Pag-ibig fund and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.
Bea Cupin files this video blog.

After a 2 month break, the senate resumes its probe into allegations that Vice President Jejomar Binay dipped into the city coffers of Makati where he was Mayor for over two decades.

But in 2015, the senate expands its probe beyond the borders of makati and into other groups and organizations associated with Binay – the Pag-ibig fund and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

Binay, chairman of the Pag-ibig fund, supposedly used his position to bag contracts for favored companies including Omni security, which got billions from Makati city contracts in the past.

But Pag-ibig president and CEO Darlene Berberabe denies the accusations.

DARLENE BERBERABE, PAG-IBIG PRESIDENT AND CEO: I say that this is most unfair because Pag-ibig has been known, especially for the last four years, for its excellent importance and integrity. We have been very vocal in our collective stand against corruption.

Binay is also accused of short changing the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in a land deal with developer Alphaland. Binay has been that national president of the BSP for over two decades. Chief whistleblower and former Boy Scouts Vice President Ernesto Mercado says Binay used his kickbacks to fuel his 2010 campaign.

ERNESTO MERCADO, FORMER MAKATI VICE MAYOR: Isinangla po yung lupa ng Boy Scouts sa Development Bank of the Philippines kaya po sabi ko diyan, dito na nagsimula ang pagluluto nila VP Binay at ng Alphaland sa Boy Scouts of the Philippines sa sarili pang mantika ng Boy Scouts. (They mortgaged the land owned by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. That’s why I’m saying this is when they began duping the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.)

The Binay camp, as is always the case, denies the fresh allegations against the Vice President and calls on the whistleblowers to show real proof.

But this not just about showing proof. It is also a perception game. The question is, will Binay win this game as easily as he wins elections?

Bea Cupin Rappler Manila. –

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