Solar eclipse, tech shifts in business, underboob selfies | SciTech4u
Solar eclipse, tech shifts in business, underboob selfies | SciTech4u
A rare celestial event: March 20’s solar eclipse. What are the 7 tech shifts happening right now? The underboob selfie riles up Thailand's officials

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler launches SciTech4u, a new show that endeavors to capture the wonder and excitement in this brave new world of science and technology.

Hosted by engineer/robotics enthusiast Matthew Ang, SciTech4u encompasses a broad range of topics under the science-technology tag – beyond gadgets and gizmos and the internet of things.

SciTech4u offers the big picture in technology trends, including technology business news, top apps, social media tips, digital security, and internet gaming.

SciTech4u brings the life-changing discoveries in science that will ripple into technology like robotics, “neuromorphic” chips, medical research breakthroughs, and environmental news. It will even bring the occasional jaw-dropping space exploration landmark like the Rosetta mission landing on a comet.

Where does the “4u” part come in? The show delves into the practical side of science and technology that this generation deals with in everyday life. How does a solar panel work? How do you make an artificial wave? How does bluetooth and NFC technology work? What’s 4K and 10K video?

New episodes of SciTech4u will be posted weekly on Rappler’s Facebook page and website.

To view all SciTech4u episodes, click here. 


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