Gameplan: Ford Forza’s iron team spirit

Hiyasmin Neri
Here are 3 reasons why training with a triathlon team helps

MANILA, Philippines – Newly-formed team, Ford Forza, tells Gameplan about team training in an individual sport.

The team lives by their name “Forza,” which means “go” in Italian.  According to Matteo Guidicelli, one of the founders of Ford Forza Triathlon, triathlons make him go further in life.  “When I did it for the first time, I almost drowned in the water; I had such a hard time on the bike, on the run, and that inspired me, that motivated me. Even though it hurt so much, I still wanted to push more. Triathlons made me go further and it’s making me go further, still.”
Although triathlon is an individual sport, triathles usually train in teams to get motivated and to have fun.
“We’re not pros, we’re not here to make money or anything. We’re just here to enjoy, to live the triathlon lifestyle, to spread out the inspiration, the passion. We’re just ordinary people living out this extraordinary sport,” says Matteo.
Training as a group is really beneficial especially for the newbies. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. You get to learn tips and tricks from seasoned triathletes. Seasoned triathletes usually know more techniques than you do.  Trying out their techniques may help you achieve your goals faster.Beginner triathletes Ivan and Kristy say that being in Ford Forza pushed them to do more. According to Ivan, “I’m blessed to have elite people in our team because that makes me step up my game.”

2. You get inspired to do better. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing other people give their hundred percent to achieve their goals. If they can do it, you can too.  Matteo says, “I always believe you always have to look up to somebody that’s better than you all the time so you could strive to become better all the time.” Ford Forza team member, Victor Basa says, “The one thing I like most about being in Team Forza is the camaraderie, the desire to help each other improve and at the same time, we don’t quit on each other.”
3.  It’s just more fun. Triathletes dedicate a good amount of time, effort, and focus when training for race day. Getting a few laughs with your teammates during your swim, bike, and run can easen up your nerves and even motivate you to do more. Have a little fun— even when the going gets tough, and tougher. –