1st Rappler Gaming League Invitational Week 2 recap: SuperNatural vs Monsta X

1st Rappler Gaming League Invitational Week 2 recap: SuperNatural vs Monsta X
SuperNatural and Monsta X battle it out in Week 2 of Rappler Gaming League's Invitational DotA2 Tournament

Rappler Gaming League Invitational

Season 1, Match 2

SuperNatural vs Monsta X

Game 1


SuperNatural opens with a Gyro pick on SN.zergrush, complimenting it with two big initiate picks on Winter Wyvern and Dark Seer. A well placed Winter’s Curse after a timely Vacuum can set the stage for Gyro’s Call Down. Monsta X responds with big ultimates of their own, including Rubick’s Spell Steal, in hopes of using SuperNatural’s arsenal as their own.

SuperNatural catches Monsta X off guard, forcing an engagement well before the zero minute mark in Radiant’s jungle. Without any defensive skills to keep their hit points up for early game teamfights, Monsta X.Thawne-Rubick falls to SN.RyeRyeRye-Spirit Breaker, granting the latter an unnecessary first blood bounty.

SN.RyeRyeRye keeps everyone in Monsta X on the backfoot with his Charge of Darkness, leaving enough space for both Gyro and Templar Assassin to farm their hearts out and deal a quick and swift blow to Monsta X’s mid game.

Monsta X.Thawne’s teammates watch helplessly as SuperNatural takes him down with bursts and bursts of damage

Game 2

Even after taking a good beating from SN.Yvanova’s Templar Assassin in the previous game, Monsta X refuses to ban her, opting SuperNatural to repick her for their new draft. In line with the popular two-core meta in the recent patches, SuperNatural rolls out Phantom Lancer with their TA, coupling him with an obligatory defensive hero such as Dazzle for safe measure.

Monsta X attempts to recreate a similar lineup to SuperNatural’s lineup in the previous game: Gyro sitting at the core, surrounded by bursts and DPS follow-ups. They take a gamble with a Shadow Fiend pick, hoping to amass a greater amount of gold in a shorter amount of time before the opposing team goes online with a Cancer Lancer.

SuperNatural.RyeRyeRye becomes the first blood offering this round, handing over the bounty to Monsta X.Jet-Gyrocopter. This was immediately reciprocated by SuperNatural.Yvanova-Templar Assassin with a fancy psiblade shot on Monsta X.Ultras-Viper.

Maintaining an aggressive pace from the get go, SuperNatural dominates Monsta X considering their defensive selection of heroes. The latter keeps getting caught off guard with sneaky rotations as the former creeped in a larger area to assert map dominance over an otherwise offensive draft.

SuperNatural.Yvanova’s Templar Assassin braves the Dire team and dives in with his Aegis, turning the tides of the team fight

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