SHORT FILM: Fleshly Meat Pies
SHORT FILM: Fleshly Meat Pies
A bullied boy hires a murderer to put an end to his misery and classmates

This film is brought to you by Viddsee, home to some of the best short films in Asia.

“Fleshly Meat Pies” tells the story of Lin, a young boy bullied in school. Classmates accuse Lin’s father of being a serial killer since he caused a hit-and-run accident several years ago. 

Lin turned to meat pie peddler who used to be a gangster. Lin stole his mother’s money and asked the peddler to kill four of his classmates.

But the peddler didn’t take revenge for Lin; he ran away. Because of this, Lin transfers to a new school, a transformed person. From the scrawny boy bullied around, he has become the ring leader of a gang of bullies. –

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