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‘Heneral Rizal’ streams on Rappler Act One

‘Heneral Rizal’ streams on Rappler Act One
Starting June 11 on Rappler, you can watch this important film about the unsung heroes and untold stories of Philippine history

Philippine history is full of heroes – Filipinos who have made it possible for us to enjoy the freedom and rights we have today.

On the eve of Independence Day, we invite you to learn more about the unsung heroes and untold stories of Philippine history. We have curated a list of readings and videos that can introduce you to lesser-known heroes and the people behind important historical figures or help you discover new perspectives, based on the stories shared by the heroes you already know. 

Here’s our list:

10 female Philippine heroes you should know about

[10 female Philippine heroes you should know about]

Philippine history is full of stories of men and their deeds. But women also fought for Philippine independence, Filipinos, and our rights. From the “Visayan Joan of Arc” to the “Ninang ng mga Rebolusyonaryo,” we present a Facebook photo album that depicts female Philippine heroes from all over the country with some of their most notable achievements.

The agony of Lola Nonay, the Supremo’s sister

[The agony of Lola Nonay, the Supremo’s sister]

What was life like as a woman and a Katipunero, or member of the Kataastaasan Kagalang-galang na Katipunan (KKK) na mga Anak ng Bayan? Buena Bernal shares stories from Gloria Distrito-Catalasan, granddaughter of Espiridiona “Nonay” Bonifacio – the younger sister of Andres Bonifacio. 

In this article, take a look at photos from Nonay Bonifacio’s life and read how the Philippine revolution shaped her life and that of her descendants. 

Who said women are ‘great partners’ in nation building? Apolinario Mabini

[Who said women are ‘great partners’ in nation building? Apolinario Mabini]

Apolinario Mabini drafted the Panukala sa Pagkakana nang Repúblika nang Pilipinas (Proposal for the Establishment of the Philippine Republic), which included provisions for women’s rights and universal education. So why was this proposed Philippine constitution not adopted? 

Ian Christopher B. Alfonso of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines lays out some of the contents of the Panukala and the reasons why it was junked.

Rare letter details Juan Luna’s life in prison

[Rare letter details Juan Luna’s life in prison]

A divisive figure in history, Juan Luna was both a revered artist and a murderer. After he shot his wife and mother-in-law in the head in September 1892, he was imprisoned at the Mazas Prison in Paris. 

In this article, you can read the short letter where Luna discloses certain details about what his life was like in prison. 

Finding Gabriela Silang in Abra

[Finding Gabriela Silang in Abra]

María Josefa Gabriela Cariño de Silang, more popularly known as Gabriela Silang, was a Filipina military leader who served as the female leader of the Ilocano independence movement from Spain. 

Aika Rey takes us through the Gabriela Cariño-Silang Gallery of Fine Arts, a two-story house located in the same compound as the house Gabriela Silang used as her headquarters. It was where she reorganized her husband’s loyal troops after his death.

Alongside photos from the museum and art gallery, Rey also shares anecdotes told by the museum curator and their guide Rosarito Cariño, a descendant of Gabriela Silang.

Heneral Rizal

In Rizal classes, we learned about Jose Rizal’s family. History regards Paciano as his ever-supportive older brother. But did you know he was also a general who led the forces that liberated Calamba?

Chuck Gutierrez’s Heneral Rizal recounts the story of the man who is often only remembered as Jose Rizal’s elder brother. In this highly-charged monologue set during his last hours, Heneral Rizal – played by Nanding Josef – chronicles the Philippine revolution and raises unresolved issues with his beloved younger brother.

With excerpts from Floro Quibuyen’s stage play that was based on historical accounts and research on the life of General Paciano Rizal, the short film combines history with elements of cinema.

It is produced by Tanghalang Pilipino, which was founded in 1987 as the resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). It aims to promote Philippine theater that is rooted in centuries-old Filipino culture and history while being responsive to evolving contemporary society.

Do you want to know more about Heneral Rizal’s story? You can catch Heneral Rizal on Rappler Act One from June 11 to 13. –