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‘The Shoemaker’: Rekindling old love in Marikina

‘The Shoemaker’: Rekindling old love in Marikina
Act One presents "The Shoemaker," a film directed by Sheron Dayoc

An aging shoemaker is visited by the man who helped her realize her passion.

The Shoemaker is a cinematic ode to Marikina’s waning shoe industry.

This short film was written by Sonny Calvento and directed by Sheron Dayoc, whose Southern Lantern Studios has consistently produced award-winning films like Gawad Urian-winner Women of the Weeping River and Cinemalaya-winner John Denver Trending.

Having originally premiered at Cinemalaya 2019, this Act One release comes at a most crucial time when the already endangered shoemaking capital of Marikina has been severely battered by the ongoing pandemic and the most recent Typhoon Ulysses.

To help restore Marikina and uplift Filipino shoemaking this holiday season, support local brands such as Stride Collective.

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