Best of Samsung forum 2013

MANILA, Philippines - While technology showcase Mobile World Congress is happening in Barcelona, Samsung holds its own event in Jakarta introducing a slew of the devices it hopes would "shape a new era of technology."
Michael Josh Villanueva reports.

At the Samsung Forum in Jakarta all sorts of technology is on display.
There are plenty of devices for the home -- televisions, washing machines, microwaves, even this robotic vacuum cleaner.
But the centerpiece is this massive 85-inch 4K ULTRA High Def television.
The TV is built into its easel-like stand, reminiscent of a large painting at a gallery.
You can’t walk into a store and buy one of these -- it's only available by special order for an also massive price tag - P1.6 million or $40,000.
Not as big but equally impressive is this 55-inch multiview 3D HDTV, that allows a group of people to watch up to 4 programs at the same time on TV set.
You’ll need these special 3D glasses with built in earphones. Your program of choice is the press of a button away.
This TV will be available in the Philippines this August for P750,000 or around $18,000 dollars.
Still a bit pricey but just imagine you’ll never have to fight over the remote again.
Also grabbing our attention is this 45mm prime lens made specifically for the Samsung’s NX-300 mirrorless camera this lens allows you to take 3 dimensional photos and video.
You’ll no longer need expensive equipment to shoot your own 3D movie.
And for normal use you can also switch back to 2D mode with the flick of a switch.
Finally we get our hands on this 8-inch tablet - the Galaxy Note 8.
Not available till the 2nd Quarter of 2013 - this iPad mini competitor stands out because of its ability to take phone calls, its optional expandable memory, and its accompanying S pen perfect for drawing or taking notes.
While we may not be able to take home most of the devices on display at the show floor today, they give us a peak into what’s possible through technology and how they could possibly chart the course of the next few years of our life.
Michael Josh Villanueva, Rappler, Jakarta.