Barriers for motorcycle backriders dangerous? | Evening wRap

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Motorcycle backriding is now allowed for couples, but safety dividers should be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social media users cite sources saying installing a barrier could make the ride dangerous.

Shares of media giant GMA Network jump over 10% on Monday, July 13, as rival ABS-CBN was denied a new franchise by the House committee on legislative franchises last Friday.

At least 75% of the 1,555 Filipinos surveyed agreed Congress should renew or grant a new franchise to ABS-CBN so it can broadcast its programs again.

Editor-in-chief of Malaysian news site Malaysiakini Steven Gan was brought to court over 5 readers' comments posted under an article in the website critical of the judiciary.

A video circulating online claims COVID-19 is not real and was planned by US billionaire Bill Gates to push the use of vaccines and microchip implants. This claim is FALSE. –