Hold The Line with Maria Ressa

#HoldTheLine: Maria Ressa talks to Hidilyn Diaz

#HoldTheLine: Maria Ressa talks to Hidilyn Diaz
Watch the live interview of Hidilyn Diaz on the show #HoldTheLine with Maria Ressa

Fresh from her historic gold medal victory in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Hidilyn Diaz joins Maria Ressa in #HoldTheLine.

#HoldTheLine is a show that features people who fought and won their individual battles for truth-telling and integrity. It’s a show that discusses personal values, courage, and why people choose to do what they do.

Hidalyn Diaz’s historic feat not only brought about inspiration and hope to Filipinos around the world but it also shed light on the state of sports development in the Philippines.

Diaz, who is a product of years of dedication and training, underscores the importance of supporting athletes throughout their entire process, and not just think of the outcome.

Since her return, she has been vocal about issues like the West Philippine Sea and has also said that she forgives Palace officials for wrongfully including her in an ouster plot “matrix.”

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