VIDEO: An exclusive look at Repertory Philippines’ The Producers

MANILA, Philippines - Repertory Philippines brings the award winning musical “The Producers” to the Philippine audience.

It’s the story of two men trying to get rich by producing a broadway flop.
Our very own G Töngi plays the lone female lead role of Ulla.
She files this report.

I’m here at the exclusive sneak peak for the rehearsal process of the Adams’ The Producers!

The Producers started out as a 1967 film starring Gene Wilder, written and directed by Mel Brooks. The film hit Broadway as a musical in 2001, starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. It broke records, winning 12 Tony awards that year. The 2005 film remake got 4 Golden Globe nominations in 2005.

The story of The Producers pays homage to the Broadway hits of the past. Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer meets Leopold Bloom, an accountant. Together they scheme to get rich by overselling interest in a Broadway flop.

Jaime Del Mundo directs the Repertory Philippines production. He says Filipinos can relate to The Producers.

JAIME DEL MUNDO, DIRECTOR OF REPERTORY PHILIPPINES' THE PRODUCERS: The wonderful cut throat world of showbiz! The Producers is about a bunch of people getting funds and siphoning the excess of the funds and I think one can pretty much relate to that happening. Need I say more?

Talent Manager Carlo Orosa & actor Robie Zialcita play the lead role of Max Bialystock, a shady, has-been Broadway producer.

CARLO OROSA, THEATER ACTOR / MAX BIALYSTOCK IN THE PRODUCERS: I wanted to do the role of Leopold Bloom. But out director Jaime Del Mundo, he said, “You can do Leo Bloom in your sleep! So, I want to challenge you and I want to push you to do Max Bialystock and you can do it!"

Robie Zialcita talks about the physical demands of the role of Max.

ROBIE ZIALCITA, THEATER PERFORMER / MAX BIALYSTOCK IN THE PRODUCERS: One of the biggest challenges of playing this role, Max Bialystock, would be, I have to be in physical health, running around the stage, going over sofas, jumping over stuff, yes that’s pretty much one challenge among others. Of course portraying somebody that I am not.

Theater regular & commercial model Topper Fabregas last seen on stage in The Maids plays the accountant Bloom.

TOPPER FABREGAS, THEATER ACTOR / LEOPOLD BLOOM IN THE PRODUCERS: There’s just no way around it, its so clever it’s so funny, its so buoyant, it’s so celebratory. Its an homage to Broadway basically but at the same time its so cleverly written. Every line just falls so well. I remember getting the script and parang I couldn’t stop laughing!

Catch the zany wackiness of the The Producers, which closes this weekend at Onstage Greenbelt. Don’t miss out on a hilarious, slapstick time at the theater!
G Töngi, Rappler Manila. -