Cherie Gil, Peque Gallaga, and Lore Reyes team up for Sonata

MANILA, Philippines - The film Sonata captures the poetic eloquence of Negros in a story about a unique friendship and the healing power of art and the countryside.

G Tongi reports.

I’m here at Rockwell for the private screening of the film, Sonata, an entry in this years’ Film Development Councils’ Sineng Pambansa.
SONATA is about an unlikely friendship between a boy named Jon Jon and retired opera singer, Regina Cadena.
Cherie Gil does not only play the title role of Regina...
She also produces the film.

This has been written by Peque and Lore for like four years and until FDCP came up with the idea and Peque immediately, instinctly said, This is the time and boy, it’s more than a dream come true! It’s like full circle (JUMPCUT) for Peque and I and Lore

Co-director Peque Gallaga says that finally making Sonata after all these years with Cherie Gil is a dream come true on many levels.

I’ve done so many movies and I’m nervous all over again! It’s like I’m gonna pop my cherry for the first time! And I think, that’s what makes life exciting! When you get scared about things, when you get nervous and this project means a lot to me!

Gallaga has worked with Gil several times in the past.
He says the big difference in this collaboration lies in the maturity of their artistry, which shows in the film.
Gallagas’ constant partner in film making since 1985 is co- director Lore Reyes.

We’ve done 29 films, I think, together. Why does it last? Because we love working with each other! Pareho kaming collaborator eh and we enjoy working with each other! (We're both collaborators and we enjoy working with each other!) We were friends first before we started working.

Wango Gallaga, the son of Peque is also the screenwriter of Sonata.
He feels the pressure but admits the writing process has been a very personal and profound journey back to his roots.

I have been able to, I feel like establish myself and put a strong foundation in writing but at the end of the day, yes, everyone really expects me to be at the level of my father and I just hope that I can reach half that.

Richard Gomez also plays a cameo in Sonata and says there’s a whole history behind his friendship with Cherie Gil.

Eto lang yung magagawa ko for her and so one day she called me and asked me if I can do a small part in her movie and I said, "Anytime!" (This is the only thing I could do for her and so one day she called me and asked me if I can do a small part in her movie and I said, "Anytime!") Just tell me when I’ll be there and that’s what I did!

The breathtaking film is also a tribute to the beauty of Negros Occidental.
From the same tandem that brought you Oro, Plata, Mata, Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes create another powerful masterpiece of a film with Actress turned Producer Cherie Gil. Sonata opens in all SM Cinemas on September 11, 2013. G Tongi Rappler Manila.-