Engineering for Kids: Making numbers more fun

Gone are the days when kids would dread math and science. There is a new educational system which aims to make numbers a lot more fun.

Matthew Ang reports.

Kids, summer and video games. They seem to go together.
This program takes that to a new level-- now kids can develop their own video games and program their own robots.

The Engineering for Kids or EFK program is the first initiative under a new educational approach called STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
But don’t get overwhelmed, kids are not asked to solve quadratic equations.
EFK is an enrichment after-school program to supplement basic education.
From robotics engineering to electronic game design, kids can enrol in a field of their choice.
The Smile Group, who brought STEM to the Philippines, says this approach encourages creativity and innovation while understanding science and mathematics through a hands-on approach.

CHESCA BUGIA TENORIO, SMILE GROUP: What STEM education means is educating the combined concepts of these in a real-life approach. So it’s a real world problem-based approach.
You go have fun first, but while they’re having fun, while they’re building their own toys, they’re also learning.

The EFK adventure camp starts April and will go on until the month of June. For details log on to or email

Matthew Ang, Rappler, Manila. –