Do Filipinos care about Sabah conflict?

MANILA, Philippines - A sultan, conspiracy theories and a vow to fight to the death. Here in the financial capital of the Philippines, it sounds far fetched. But across the country a Filipino sultan is waging war on Malaysia.

The sultan’s self-styled royal army - a band of about 180 people- invaded Sabah. They were staking their historic claim to the resource-rich state, which is about the size of Ireland and located at the northern tip of Borneo and south of Palawan. The conflict reflects poorly on both countries’ top leaders during election season.

But do Filipinos here in the capital of the Philippines even care?

Watch what people had to say below:

Several said they weren’t very aware of the conflict. Those who want to know more can read about how:

- (Videography Nathaniel Gatpandan and editing by Katherine Visconti)