#TalkThursday with Irwin Ver


MANILA, Philippines - TalkThursday talks to Irwin Ver, the son of Fabian Ver, the alleged mastermind of the Benigno Aquino Jr's assassination. Irwin was also the chief of then President Ferdinand Marcos' guards.

In an essay published in Newsbreak  in 2008, Irwin tells his first person account of the last days of Edsa.

Even after 22 years, I can still remember the quick succession of events prior to our departure: the discovery of the RAM (Reform the Armed Forces Movement) plan to attack the palace and subsequent arrest of several RAM officers at the initial phase of their operations—which we had mistakenly thought was sufficient to preempt their seditious plot; the unexpected holdout of Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile at Camp Aguinaldo, which was a major surprise to President Marcos, unbelieving of the disloyalty of his once anointed successor.

And what rubbed salt to injury was the similar defection of his cousin, General Fidel Ramos, and finally, the unprecedented groundswell of support that grew into the people power at EDSA that made precarious President Marcos’s stay at the palace.

Irwin Ver talks about the alleged lies told about his father-- the late General Fabian Ver. In an interview with a broadsheet, Bobby Ongpin, Ferdinand Marcos' Trade Minister said Ver was the third person in the Martial Law "triumvirate", the other two being Marcos and his First Lady Imelda. Ver explains why his father would never consider himself a "partner" to a man he looked up to as his superior.  (Editor's note: An earlier version said Ongpin was Foreign Minister. He was Trade Minister. We apologize for the error.)

Irwin Ver also tells his account of the relationship between Fabian and Juan Ponce Enrile. Irwin says his father "revered" Enrile and were on speaking terms with the former Defense Minister after Edsa. He also belies other allegations made in the Senate President's book "Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir".