HIGHLIGHTS: Guingona on 'prejudging' PDAF probe

MANILA, Philippines – The word war continues.

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair TG Guingona delivered a privilege speech on Tuesday, February 18, in response to allegations that he had prejudged certain colleagues in the ongoing probe into the pork barrel scam.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada, one of the 3 senators so far implicated by whistleblowers, delivered a speech, accusing Guingona on preempting the outcome of the committee investigation. Guingona opened the last hearing on February 13 by saying the testimony of bagman Ruby Tuason was a "3-point, buzzer-beater, winning shot" even before she could testify.

“I feel so hurt by the parting statements made by the chairman of the blue ribbon committee. If that’s the case, if he chooses that battle, I will give him that battle. No problem with me," Estrada said.

Watch Guingona's speech and his exchange with Estrada.

– Rappler.com