WATCH: Words of wisdom from seniors

MANILA, Philippines – They say the older you get, the more wisdom you've gained.

Senior citizens are often looked to for sage advice but there are times when their cousnel is taken for granted because they may seem out of trend, however, their words still hold wisdom. 

We gathered seniors and asked them questions about life, happiness, and, the most difficult question of all: What is love?

Get a sneak peek of their answers here:

Alita Conde, 64 years old

"I would take the definition of love from Corinthians and it says: Love is patient, love is kind, love is never boastful, it is not angered, and it takes no pride in evil but rejoices in the truth and also it protects it always trusts it always hopes and always perseveres."

Maryjo Feraren, 63 years old

"Love is accepting and understanding unconditionally and no barriers and just being open-minded about other people."

Bing Villegas, 68 years old

"Love is the center of everything you do in this life. You have to love yourself, you have to love your relatives and your friends, and most of all, I think, you have to love God so that you serve him with all your heart, with all your abilities, with all the gifts that He gave you."

Mario Ducat, 73 years old

"Love is everything. Without love there's nothing."

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