Basagan ng Trip with Leloy Claudio: Why Christians should protest
Basagan ng Trip with Leloy Claudio: Why Christians should protest
This discussion may shake your faith or make it stronger. Historian Leloy Claudio questions the tenets of some religions with Jayeel Cornelio and Rico Villanueva.

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CALIFORNIA, USA – Sociologist and development studies associate professor Jayeel Cornelio and Hebrew scriptures scholar and theology teacher Rico Villanueva discuss the controversial topic of Christians “meddling” in politics.  

A companion video to a recently-published analysis piece, the two social scientists debunk the separation of politics and religion in the lives of the faithful. They also question the view that Christians must “respond without grumbling or disputing” – a rejoinder to the religious who view President Rodrigo Duterte as being appointed by God.

This episode of Basagan ng Trip signals the return of historian and educator Leloy Claudio to Rappler after a long hiatus. Leloy moderates this invigorating discussion that puts into perspective faith, activism, and finding our voice in a time when authoritarianism is on the rise.

Just some of the questions they ask: Does a good Christian not contradict authority? Is Jesus Christ a God of the establishment or the disenfranchised? How does a Christian exercise free will? 

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