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Duterte Year 2: Rappler’s most-read editorials
Here are the 10 most-read #AnimatED pieces in the last 12 months

MANILA, Philippines – Rappler’s editorials – called #AnimatED because they feature moving visuals instead of the traditional caricatures – are published every Monday morning.

Our editorials come in either English or Filipino.

Here are the 10 most-read in the last 12 months.

10. Lies Tatay Digong told me

September 25, 2017, we say, “Lying may be part of the bag of tricks of lawyers, spies, and salesmen. But it’s simply unacceptable for a President. A president who lies to the public IS a national calamity. This means the highest officer of the land considers truth relative, and the people he’s sworn to serve, malleable and pliant.”

9. When Duterte is backed into a corner

October 9, 2017, we explain why President Duterte is being a bigger bully than he ever was, seemingly intent on destroying institutions that check abuses and excesses in the executive. He is in panic.

8. Time to stand up to Duterte’s online bullies

October 16, 2017, we commend Jover Laurio, the law student behind the Pinoy Ako Blog, for revealing her identity after she became the target of death threats and humiliation online. These bullies have had their way for some time now only because not enough people have challenged them.

7. Sasagasaan ng TRAIN ang mahirap

January 8, 2018, we acknowledge that taxation is always a balancing act – it hits hard in some aspects of our lives, but there are benefits expected in the long run. The problem is, the poor families are already struggling with the increase in taxes on goods under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) Law.

6. Kahibangan ang pagsasara ng Boracay

April 9, 2018, we point out that it’s insane for the Duterte government to close down Boracay, the world-famous tourism destination, for a supposed environmental cleanup but without a master plan. Thousands on the island have lost their tourism-related livelihood.

5. The wonders of Wanda Teo

May 7, 2018, we state the obvious that only Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo and her broadcaster brothers do not see: conflict of interest. What else do you call it when the agency she heads pays the government TV station PTV in advertisements that will be placed in the program of her brother?

4. Walang alamat ni Ferdinand Marcos

September 11, 2017, the 100th birth anniversary of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and we condemn Malacañang’s attempt at historical fiction after it posted a glowing description of Marcos, without mention of martial law.

3. Kris vs Mocha: Lessons for the catatonic opposition

June 11, 2018, we point out the glaring lesson from the word war between celebrity Kris Aquino, daughter and sister of two ex-presidents, and Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson: Kris could outgun, outtalk and outmessage the “Yellows” in the face of a still-popular Duterte. It indicates something wrong with the opposition.

2. Bilyunang shabu ang nakapuslit, Presidente ay di galit?

August 14, 2017, we ask why President Rodrigo Duterte is unusually quiet, and not angry, that P6.4 billion worth of high-grade shabu from China got past the Bureau of Customs. This is after witnesses in congressional hearings linked the name of his eldest son, Paolo Duterte, to smuggling operations.

1. Grab and Uber in medieval times

July 31, 2017, we call on the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to ride and confront change, and not resist it, after it threatened to apprehend all Grab and Uber drivers if they remained without permits or provisional authorities.

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