2022 Philippine Elections

[VIDEO EDITORIAL] 1Sambayan, give democratic forces a blueprint for victory

The country needs a smart opposition – one that can tap the zeitgeist of rage and longing for a better life

1Sambayan is all heart, but does it have the strategy and tactics to achieve its king/queen-making goals?

The 1Sambayan launch was high on hope, but low on tangible doables. In a broken world, we need more than hope – we need a roadmap to get there.

As lead convenors of the opposition coalition, former Supreme Court senior justice Antonio Carpio, former ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, and former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario are the best people to nominate and support candidates of conscience and rally the people toward that vote.

But only if it has viable candidates.

1Sambayan shot itself in the foot when it nominated people who would end up denying they would run for president or vice president. Pardon us, but not even campus student council parties do that.

Social scientists say 40% of Filipinos can still be swayed, but Duterte and his allies are a formidable force with popularity and incumbency on their side.

That’s why the country needs a smart opposition – one that can tap the zeitgeist of rage and longing for a better life.

To achieve a better life, it’s not simply a question of voting good people into office; it’s a question of putting good systems in place. Because as people’s experience with this pandemic has told them, it’s the incompetence that kills.

A united front is an excellent idea. The best start would be a viable tandem that is willing and able. But more importantly, 1Sambayan needs to build a movement as it endorses a viable tandem – and it needed that movement in place yesterday.

It needs clear action points for people to pursue now – people who will go out and campaign, give their time and money, and spread the happy virus of change and reform.

Carpio, Morales, Del Rosario, and the courageous convenors lit a candle in the dark, and their power will come from the people they inspire to action – not with fiery speeches, but with a clear blueprint for victory in 2022. – Rappler.com