Greenpeace PH to Trudeau: Take back Canada's wastes

Under Mr Harper, the Canadian reputation of a green nation has been seriously tarnished. We have said this before, and we are saying this again: Prime Minister, the Philippines is not Canada’s dumping ground. (READ: Netizens, Canadians to PM Harper: PH not a garbage dump)

We want a strong Canadian leader who will finally take the moral high ground to right a wrong. You are actively pursuing an open, honest government. But more importantly, you aim to restore Canadian leadership in the world.

If Canada wants to restore its leadership, it must make a real, valuable, and credible contribution to a more peaceful world. That need has never been greater than it is today.

Your platform aptly said it: responsible governments do not walk away from challenges, or pretend they do not exist. The Canadian government cannot sweep this issue under the rug anymore. The Canadian waste issue needs a problem solver, not a politician who could cannot decide what is moral and right.

Your election is a welcome change. The global community is happy to see a forward-thinking leader like you. You say you have formed a diverse and gender-balanced cabinet because it is 2015. I am hoping that Canada takes back its waste because, to borrow your famous words, it is 2015.

'NOT YOUR TRASHCAN.' Greenpeace asks Trudeau to take back the waste sent to the Philippines. Photo from Greenpeace

'NOT YOUR TRASHCAN.' Greenpeace asks Trudeau to take back the waste sent to the Philippines.

Photo from Greenpeace

The Philippines and Canada have, on many occasions, stood shoulder to shoulder on many issues. Your government said we are a valuable economic partner, and we thank you for that.

The Canadian waste issue is a test on how you treat your allies. It is a test of how you honor your international obligations, as this waste dumping issue violates the tenets of the Basel Convention, which both our countries have signed.

Household wastes, especially those that entered poorer countries maliciously, must be returned, without question and without delay. We urge you, Prime Minister Trudeau, to honor the Basel Convention. Hear the pleas of countless Filipinos whose national dignity has been maligned.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, do the right thing and take your country’s waste back home to Canada where it belongs.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy your stay here in Manila.


Abigail Aguilar


Abigail Aguilar is the Detox Campaigner for Greenpeace Philippines. She may be reached at