On road safety and courtesy

But as always there will be those irresponsible people – pasaway, barumbado, etc – who will disregard traffic rules and put lives in danger with their behavior on the road. (READ: Putting the brakes on road deaths)

In many cases these days, we just need a little common sense and perhaps more of courtesy to make travel safer and better for everyone. Everybody needs to learn and practice respect for each other's rights on the road and extend courtesy to everyone so we can have order in our streets.

It doesn't take a genius – or experts, international or local – to point out things that are basically common sense and require common courtesy, if not decency.– Rappler.com

Jose Regin F. Regidor is a Professor at the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman. He likes to travel and writes about his experiences and observations on transport and traffic.