You're wired to thrive, not just to survive

The world can feel like it's on "survival mode" all the time. With all the craziness that we go through, we're left to believe that life's meaning is nothing more than to get by.

Growing up, I was very fond of Tekken and Soul Edge. If you've ever played those video games, you'll know that there's an option to play in what's called "Survival". In that mode, you go through rounds and rounds of enemies trying to take out their life by attacking them. But unlike the normal gameplay where you regenerate, you play on with whatever you had left in the last round.

The real world can often feel like that a lot of times. We're bombarded with stresses of work, financial constraints, fluctuating economies, faulty relationships, bashers and haters on Facebook, and so on. These things make us think it's impossible for anyone to thrive. That we should go on survival mode, hoping that we can get through a few rounds that the world throws our way.

But the good news is that anyone and everyone can thrive. Here are 4 points that will help you live a lifestyle of thriving and not only surviving.

1. Remember to pause

Have you ever wished that you could step back and take a breather? It's not as trivial as many people think. Too often it feels like we're stuck on a hamster wheel of problems and responsibilities and can't get out. There's a myth floating in our heads that the world would stop spinning if we stopped working. I know I feel that way sometimes too. But that's rarely ever the case.

The Philippine Statistics Authority in 2017 found that 8 million Filipinos consider themselves overworked. We live in a world that highlights 80-hour work weeks and months straight of no leaves or days off. It's not against the law to ask for a break. In fact, you need it more than you think.

Make sure that you take the time to recharge. Take a leave from work or stop worrying about money. Don't worry. Things won't fall apart if you take a moment to pause from all the craziness.

2. It's your choice to thrive or not

Nothing burns a person out faster than worry. It's easy to feel stuck and drained when you worry so much about things you can't control. And while it’s true that you can't control everything, you can control your mindset. I like it when author and speaker Michael Hyatt says that you have more agency than you believe.

Thriving starts with perspective, and perspective is under your control. It takes a mindset of hope and optimism to see the silver lining. A mindset of contentment to get beyond the complaining. A mindset of trust to get past anxiety and fear.

We have very little choices over many things – our background, the economy, our innate giftings. But you have agency over your perspective. Moreover, you have control over your response to those circumstances.

3. Live by faith

As a follower of Jesus Christ, nothing is more important to me than my faith. Faith is often defined as believing what we do not see yet. It's choosing to trust in something higher and more powerful than yourself. To put your faith in God means to believe that He has great things in store for you. God's Word reminds us that He has a plan for us, that he makes all things work for our benefit and that His love and grace abounds in blessing.

A thriving mindset is not possible without faith. That's why in trying situations, you can allow your faith to speak to your circumstance instead of allowing your circumstance to speak to your faith. Living by faith in God puts your life in the hands of an almighty and loving Father who desires nothing but the best for you.

4. Surround yourself with people who thrive

A survival mindset is contagious. But so is a thriving mindset. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that you are the total sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Nothing could be more true.

What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Maybe you're surrounded with essential relationships that are draining – family, workmates, and neighbors. You don't have to cut those relationships. But you can direct more of your time and energy on relationships that leave a positive and thriving impact over your life.

Join an organization with a cause close to your heart. Become a part of a strong church community. Build close circles with friends who leave a positive footprint on your life. Surround yourself with thriving people and you will thrive as well.

What thriving is all about

We often think that thriving is about gaining things that we don’t already have. As a result, we underestimate the quality of our life currently. Thriving starts with acknowledging what you have now and how you can make the most of that. Ask yourself today, "What do I have now?"

You'll be surprised at how blessed you already are. Too many people think they're only surviving when they have all the ingredients to thrive in their own pockets. Take those ingredients and start making your own happiness. You weren't just meant to survive. You are wired to thrive. –

Patrick Mabilog is a marketing and business consultant, freelance designer, blogger and writer. He has contributed content to websites such and He also serves actively in ministry through teaching and helping churches in the area of discipleship, faith, family, finance, strategy, and leadership development. You can follow more of Patrick’s content through the following: Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @patrickmabilog