[PODCAST] I've Got An Opinion: Fat is not a bad word

MANILA, Philippines – Fat. Calling someone fat, especially in the Philippines, is an insult, a form of judgment. For many, to be fat means to be unattractive, undesirable, unhealthy, and lazy. 

But despite the stigma, more and more people have been coming out as advocates of loving their body, no matter its shape or size. Some even go so far as to say that "fat" isn’t a bad word anymore. Yes, call them fat! It’s okay!  

Still, body weight remains a contentious issue on the whole. In fact, thanks to the lockdown, the issue of weight gain has even come to the fore. (READ: How losing weight made me miserable)

In this episode of Ive Got An Opinion, Rappler’s podcast on ordinary people speaking up on extraordinary issues, we talk to Ginny Mata, a food writer and former plus-size model, on how she feels about the word "fat." And then some. – Rappler.com

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