What 24 feels like

Days before I turned 24 I felt this feeling of wanting to have everything and wondering why I hadn't gotten most of what I thought I would have by this time. Truth is, you really can’t get everything you want at the same moment you wish it were yours.

Being 24 made me feel like I had no more excuses. The start of your twenties was like the grand entrance to everything you’ve always wanted to do, go on trips without the parents, go out without having a curfew (for me, at least), graduating college and getting your first job. 

It’s a mix of being in a dream of fun and happiness and also having to face reality with earning your first salary, paying up bills and having to deal with a boss.

Now, with 6 more years before I turn 30, I realize that things are not turning out as I hoped it would turn out to be. I thought I'd know what I wanted and where I was headed, but I was wrong.

I never thought I would feel as lost as I would back when I was 20.

Being 24 

Not that I feel ungrateful for everything I have now; but, I know that there’s so much more that I can do.

Being 24 makes you want to push harder to get to know yourself better. I've thought much about what I want to do, what I don’t like, the people I want to hang out with and the people I don’t want to be a part of my life.

It makes you question and interrogate yourself more and it feels good to know that you’re capable of deciding what you want for YOU and not for anyone else or just because of peer pressure.

At 24, I remind myself to be as hungry as I was back when I was 20. Be hungry for adventure, for more fun, for more friends and most importantly for more knowledge. 

This is the stage where I sometimes feel too old to go out and have long clubbing nights with friends, this is the stage where I would rather stay home on a Friday night because of a long and tiring work week. Yet, I force myself and urge others to force themsevles to go and have an adventure; to do something new.

Explore. Get lost in some place unfamiliar. Find new experiences and don’t get tired of doing so. 

My advice

At 24, you deal with all kinds of relationships, serious or unserious ones, trying to find your very own prince charming. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, please try and be happy with you. Just you.

Go and take yourself out on a date, even try to enjoy a movie alone without feeling sad or bad that you’re inside a movie house by yourself. It’s okay. Take time to enjoy you before you run out of time when you have your own family in the years to come.

At 24, I urge you to try everything that you’ve always wanted to do. Take risks, go crazy, quit your job, find a new one and if you don’t like it, quit again. Life is too short to waste on things that don’t give you joy.

Be happy and keep everything else that makes you feel bliss because if not now, then when? - Rappler.com 

Stel is a 24 year old who constantly finds new adventures and experiences to take upon. She writes to share her feelings and who keeps a journal for more than she can remember. She tries her best to spread rainbows and  happiness everywhere she goes.

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