[PODCAST] Love of Country: Is dissent patriotic?

MANILA, Philippines – It's complicated. Loving one's country is a difficult endeavor.  

UP Sociology Professor Josephine Dionisio sits down with Rappler reporter Lian Buan to talk about the demands of loving one's country.

In this podcast, they tackle the following questions:

Professor Dionisio cannot emphasize enough the value of engagement in developing a national consciousness – and she often draws parallels with relationships between lovers.

More importantly, is dissent an expression of love of country?

How do we love a country that often leaves us angry and hurt? She says, quoting sociology professor Randy David: "Self-esteem is to national pride. Look for the things that you want to love and accept inside you. Then find the strength and motivation, inspiration, to nurture that love in others."

She adds, love of country is a "collective undertaking" and like any affair of the heart – requires a lot of work. – Rappler.com

Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa
Instrumental by Boy Hapay
Poem by Andres Bonifacio
Instrumental based on the song performed by Inang Laya

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