[PODCAST] Love of Country: Is 'Filipinx' an expression of patriotism, or is it divisive?

"Filipinx" is a non-binary term for Filipino or Filipina. Some people use it to identify their Filipino roots in a more gender-neutral manner, while others dismiss it as bereft of history and an unnecessary term, saying "Filipino" is already non-gender specific. (READ: [OPINION] Filipino or Filipinx?)

Rappler reporter JC Gotinga talks to University of the Philippines professor of linguistics Vincent Christopher Santiago, and they retrace the roots of the term and how it is being used today.

  • Why do we need to understand the resurfacing of the discourse for the use of the term? Is it important that we agree on the use?
  • Will Filipinx help solidify the Filipino identity around the world?
  • Will Filipinx promote patriotism?

Santiago says, "Talking about patriotism, it has to go beyond a simple word, it has to go beyond the nominal approach to things that I'm a Filipino, I love the Philippines. How do you show that you are a Filipino or how do you show that you love the Philippines?"

He adds, "There is no need to agree, but there should be respect that there are people who are exercising their agency that they indeed wish to identify as Filipinx." – Rappler.com