[PODCAST] Love of Country: When is music patriotic?

MANILA, Philippines – Should music be nationalist for it to matter?

Rappler's lifestyle and entertainment reporter Amanda Lago sits down with singer-songwriter Joey Ayala  and tackles original Filipino music or OPM.

Listen as Ayala dives into the Filipino identity, the creative process and honesty in art, complimented by Lago's narrative musings.

Why does Ayala think playing the instruments and beats of our ancestors can be almost magical? Lago describes it: "Something primal, instinctual was awakened in him when he first heard the Bagobo's rhythms, and he believes it has to do with genetics."

Ayala says: "I think there's a need for music to be honest. Artists, people in general, just be who you are."

He adds that everything, including nationalism, is ephemeral. What transcends this? Find out in the last installment of our 4-part podcast. – Rappler.com

Audio of Joey Ayala's Lupang Hinirang performance courtesy of TEDxDiliman

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