Martin, stop being an embarrassment to the Bisaya!

Patricio N. Abinales
Martin, stop being an embarrassment to the Bisaya!
Martin, please don't include us in your stupidity. Admit that your lies were exposed. And seek forgiveness from the journalists, including Trillanes and the other senators.

What is happening to you, Martin? You’ve been caught as a liar. You weren’t able to answer the question about which journalists you were pointing to, claiming they were given $1,000 (dollars really!!).

You mentioned that, in exchange for the bribe, was the prioritization of the Senate press conference where Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) lawyers introduced retired SPO2 Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas.

Lascañas revealed there is proof of what they are saying about the Davao Death Squad and their leader, President Digong, back when he was still mayor.

After you were caught lying, Martin, everyone was hoping you would apologize to the journalists and the Senate so we could move on. But you didn’t do it! You made it even worse by being arrogant.

You even added one more lie. You said that the announcement was based on “intelligence reports” that you received in the Palace. You never revealed where this information was from (it’s a secret!) or how you received the taho (maybe it was texted? If not, maybe it was Snapchatted!).

But it was revealed that there is no truth to what you’re saying, Martin. Because the next day, General Hermogenes Esperon and Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that they never received any “intelligence report” about the bribing of journalists.

Instead of admitting your mistake, you claimed that not all Cabinet members received “intelligence reports.” Huh? Not even Esperon who is the National Security Adviser or Lorenzana who is Secretary of Defense? You’re making things up, Martin!

You then got mad at Marlon Ramos’ question. You answered with, “Let me tell you Marlon. I am Bisaya. I grew up in Cagayan de Oro. I also grew up in Surigao. So my Tagalog may not be as perfect as your Tagalog. So let’s put it at that!”

The way I see it, it would have been better if you had resolved this with a fistfight, because, to be honest, it’s very boring to listen to you, Martin. We’re never shocked because the things you say are what Americans call a “stock answer.” And usually the questions journalists ask are “stock questions” as well.

My wish is that sometime you surprise us, Martin. You could fight it out, you could also get aggravated.

Because you’ve been caught already.

Your answer is irritating, Martin, instead of properly answering Marlon’s question, you’re degrading us, Bisayas. You tried to be cute and used your being Bisaya as an excuse for your failing to understand Marlon’s question.

First of all, why did you include the rest of us in your idiocy? What are we BisDak (Bisayang Dako = grew up Bisaya), to you, Martin? Stupid? People who learned nothing in high school or college?

You were hoping that we’d have your back, weren’t you? Why did you say this, Martin? Was it so that we’d all be angry at Marlon because his real objective was to insult the Bisaya? Do you want us to side with you, Martin, because we need to defend you over what you implied was Marlon’s insult to us?

Why on earth would we side with your lies, Martin? This isn’t a fight between the Bisaya and journalists. This is just you. Own it, because if you win, the fame will be all yours. But you were caught and so it’s the shame that is all yours.

Secondly, our views on Tagalog are different now, Bai Martin. Back in the day, it may have been harder for us to understand because we weren’t exposed to Tagalog every day. We could only hear it in cinemas because we’d fall asleep in Pilipino class.

But these days Bisayas can easily understand Tagalog, especially the youth. You know why? Hay, every night Noli “Kabayan” de Castro gives us the news of the day. This means that every night we get a free Tagalog lesson.

My parents aren’t able to understand Tagalog but my nephews/nieces and younger cousins are what we call “multi-lingual” already.

Damn, you were caught lying once again. The Bisayas of today are now fluent in speaking and understanding Tagalog.

It’s aggravating that you used your being BisDak as an excuse. In doing so, you furthered the notion that we take against the Tagalogs – that Bisayas aren’t very smart.

Martin, please don’t include us in your stupidity. Admit that your lies were exposed. And seek forgiveness from the journalists, including Trillanes and the other senators. Oh, if you’re able, at the Cabinet meeting apologize to Esperon and Lorenzana.

But, most important, apologize to the Bisaya because it was horrible that you shamed all of us just to find a way out.

Own your mistake, Martin. Enough with your deceit.

That’s all. –


 Patricio N. Abinales is a fluent Bisaya.


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