I do not know if this has happened at any time before: the committee chairmanship is declared vacant to prevent a witness from testifying. Dick Gordon is an achiever, but he is not reckless. Will he be eager to continue with the hearings that de Lima started and to summon Matobato and other witnesses lined up? Well, he assumed the chairmanship hot on the heels of one who had been booted out because of the proceedings. Why would he be eager for the chair to be unceremoniously withdrawn from beneath him?

But for the sake of the nation, for the sake of President Digong, for the sake Matobato, I hope we have not heard the last of him. And he should be cared for to: he has admitted to crimes – no less than fifty murders, by his own reckoning, and he has named highly placed people, either truthfully or falsely.  

Does anyone bother? Sandra Cam says that she is not willing to consider him a whistleblower.  Last I checked, no one appointed Sandra Cam to the position of "censor of witnesses.”  Much besides, she has long had a chip against de Lima.  They should just slug it out in some mud fight without involving the nation!

I should reiterate my point: Let Matobato continue testifying. Let all the EJK witnesses continue to take the stand. If any is lying, it will not be long before the lie is brought to light for what it is. But if any has spoken the truth, then we shall have done ourselves a tremendous disservice – and an unspeakable injustice – by silencing him. –


The author is Dean, Graduate School of Law, San Beda College and professor at the Cagayan State University