[Newspoint] The oddest ménage in Philippine politics

This is definitely not the proudest moment for the Left. As if having to take the son weren’t insult enough, it now faces the prospect of having to swallow the father if only to keep its place in Duterte’s power circle – it has never come so close to power, indeed.

But, as plain as it was, the reality could not have escaped the Left: it was submitting itself to a strange one, whose strangeness is reflected in his narcissistic, impulsive, intractable presidency, but, more relevant to the case at hand, in his choice of men and women to most closely surround him – all manner of leftist and feudal characters.

Come to think of it, the one compromise that might just suit the ménage is federalism, another of Duterte’s babies. It divides up the territory and decentralizes and devolves power accordingly.

The freakish genius of Rodrigo Duterte may yet prove to lie in that – breaking up the nation to make everybody happy! – Rappler.com