When they gave him vinegar: From Christ to Raymart Siapo

The death of Good Friday

Why should it? It did not bother the soldiers that Christ was suffering. In their eyes, he was a criminal, after all. His thirst should be the least of their worries.

That Christ was given vinegar was a fulfilment of Scripture. It echoed the cry of the helpless in Psalm 69: "They gave me poison for food, and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink."  

That final act of cruelty embodied the very message of Christ on the cross: to imbibe the pain and suffering of the world. He yielded his spirit and gave up his life. That was the end of Good Friday.

One can only wish that with Christ's death all cruelty faded away too. But the record of history testifies against it.  

On Good Friday, in the Philippines – a country that celebrates its long Christian heritage – we see not the death but the persistence of cruelty. – Rappler.com        

Jayeel Serrano Cornelio, PhD, a sociologist, writes about religion and other truth claims that should bother us.  Share with him your Lenten reflection on Twitter @jayeel_cornelio.

Jayeel Cornelio

Jayeel Cornelio, PhD is Associate Professor and the Director of the Development Studies Program at the Ateneo de Manila University. A sociologist of religion, he is a recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the National Academy of Science and Technology. He i...