[Newspoint] Power consolidation for martial law

The Supreme Court is not itself free of politics. Indeed, more than a whiff of it issues from some of its recent rulings, of which 3 beneficiaries happen to be Duterte allies:

All these cases were decided in the Duterte presidency and by a Supreme Court dominated by Arroyo appointees.

But doubtless it’s its decision upholding Duterte’s martial law that is most chilling for its possible consequences in both the immediate future and the longer term – consequences likely to be particularly harsh in the hands of a Duterte.

For one thing, the decision sets no limits on what Duterte can do with martial law. For another, it becomes easier for him to bring around the military, which he has been courting madly for – as it has become clearer now than ever – another round of martial law.

Badly damaged as an institution in Marcos' time, the military has become more constitutionality-conscious and careful about dancing with any strongman again – and only properly so. After all, without the military behind it, there’s no martial law.

One can only hope the military could also see through the politics and pathologies at work here. – Rappler.com