[Newspoint] Smoking guns of history

A mere provincial-city vice mayor, Paolo Duterte is definitely not in the same class as Marcos or Estrada, but Papa Rodrigo is. Not only is he also President, he is a professed Marcos emulator and has Estrada – and, as it happens, his pardoner, Arroyo, too – for a political ally. But still, if Senator Antonio Trillanes’ information is right, Paolo's secret puts him in an especially notorious class of his own.  

Implicated in the smuggling of all sorts of merchandise, drugs included, and called to a Senate inquiry, Paolo, looking keen to show casual confidence, is quick to answer Trillanes’s question: Does he have a tattoo on his back?


Before proceeding with his questioning, Trillanes specifies what sort of tattoo he’s looking for – one designed as a code of membership of the transnational Chinese criminal syndicate Triad (not unlike the Sicilian Mafia or the Japanese Yakuza). He goes on to challenge Paolo Duterte to prove him wrong.

It’s a moment of truth, an all-in battle for credibility between not only Paolo but more so his father and his nemesis, Trillanes himself. A bared back decides it, at a public forum, on national television. But...“No way!”

Paolo is not baring or biting; neither is he admitting or denying anything, let alone any Triad connection. He told the press some days after his Senate appearance he's a graduate of banking and finance; he cannot be fooled.

At any rate, once he dodged Trillanes' challenge, Paolo Duterte, academic specialization notwithstanding, could not stop his secret tattoo going into the ledgers under the same column as Ferdinand Marcos' transplanted kidneys and Joseph Estrada's unopened envelope. – Rappler.com