A parallel universe?

But the following ironic, melodramatic, perplexing and contradictory statements and actions yearn for some explanation. To wit:

Twice indicted for plunder and several counts of graft, Jinggoy Estrada turned the tables on Secretary Leila de Lima at the Commission of Appointments’ hearing. He accused her of allegedly complaining to Palawan’s fugitive ex-governor Joel Reyes that it was “gutom” (hunger) in the Commission of Human Rights (CHR). Jinggoy claimed that it was arranged for De Lima to receive a monthly one million-peso allowance from PAGCOR.

Here was an alleged plunderer badgering his accuser of corruption – the very crime he is facing! Is there anything more bewildering and bizarre?

In full Panday glory, he turned his surrender into a seeming movie premiere, complete with a prayer meeting with tearful extras, a Mass with his family, and a caravan that trailed him to his final destination.

Alternating between defiance and self-pity, moral outrage and meek submission, he avowed that he is ready to be thrown in any jail in the country – at the same time that his lawyer asked that he be detained specifically in Camp Crame.

Come what may 2016, he threatens to run for President. I’m sure frontrunner VP Jojo Binay is now quaking in his boots.

Yet before the Sandiganbayan could rule on probable cause, he had filed a motion for bail (despite plunder being a non-bailable offense) – citing old age and a long list of infirmities.

Estelito Mendoza is the lawyer of JPE. They go a long way as Marcos’ cabinet members during the Martial Law regime. He has already issued a statement framing the evidence against his client as “underwhelming”. Mendoza is also credited for helping Lucio Tan win his tax evasion case against the BIR. In one TV interview, he disputes the allegation that he is one of those on the “wrong side of history.”

Jinggoy’s legal counsel is 84-year-old Jose Flaminiano, who will be remembered for his legal maneuvers during the impeachment trial of former chief justice Renato Corona. Presently, he is also one of the lawyers of CGMA. His law firm is Flaminiano, Arroyo, and Duenas. Yes, that’s Mike Arroyo.

Revilla’s lawyer is Joel Bodegon. He was also Willy Revillame’s counsel.

Despite solid evidence that Napoles was already using dummy companies to win the anomalous Philippine Marine Kevlar helmet contract in 1998, there are synchronized calls from militant Bayan elements and pardoned-plunderer Mayor Joseph Estrada, to charge Abad.

So what could possibly explain these off-the wall events, erratic feats and contradictory babble from our leaders? Do they not realize that the public actually sees and hears what they say and do?

There is only one way these make any sense:

There must exist a parallel universe where everyone has a doppel-ganger or a double just like the science-fiction TV series “Fringe.” They found a way to cross into our dimension, and oftentimes wreak havoc. Their counterparts don’t always know what they have said and done while wearing the same face and body, hence the paradox.

It’s the most plausible explanation. Now, how do we send them back to their parallel universe? – Rappler.com