10 reasons I'm now a Dutertian

I am sick and tired of due process. Kill them all! Enter their homes without warrant! And if someone like De Lima disagrees, smear her first and promise proof for later. Whenever later means.

If enough of these vermin die from bullets or shaming (unless of course those we name are dead judges in which case they need not report to their supervisors), we will have a peaceful and prosperous society. 

I have a brilliant suggestion. According to intelligence reports, a lot of tricycle drivers and bus drivers are on shabu. If we start killing them then we are able to phase out tricycles and diminish the number of buses plying or streets. We will achieve what a lot of traffic experts have been recommending.

And if anyone of those human rights sissies get in the way, KILL THEM TOO.

On the issue of extrajudicial killings, I have to admit that us Dutertians seem divided. Some say our God, I mean President, does not condone extrajudicial killings. Some say that is what he promised and that is why we voted him into office. Whatever! As long as you choose the explanation that wins the argument, we are fine with that.

Black and white thinking makes life so simple. Those of you who protect the rights of drug suspects don’t care one little bit about the REAL victims of drugs. Those of you who write things and disagree with him are all just theoretical people who just talk and talk and don’t do any real work on the matter. Only He is actually doing something about it. Either you are with Him or against Him.

So there. I now expect agreement from a gadzillion egg-shaped or letter profile picture accounts. I have seen the light. Those who disagree with me, and therefore also disagree with my President, should use their faces to do rectal examinations. – Rappler.com