The wRap Indonesia: Haze charges, corruption index
The wRap Indonesia: Haze charges, corruption index


School closures in Malaysia, the release of trade data and the corruption index, and other top news in Indonesia and around the world

JAKARTA, Indonesia – From school closures in Malaysia due to the haze, to the release of Indonesian trade data, here is the top news to start your day.

1. Haze closes schools

Malaysian authorities ordered school closures in Kuala Lumpur and neighboring states as worsening haze from Indonesian forest and agricultural fires enveloped the capital in a smoky grey shroud.

Indonesian kids at Pekanbaru, however, the capital of Riau, are still in school, despite the province having been declared under a state of emergency. Around 100 people and 15 companies are being investigated over the blazes that have choked parts of Indonesia and neigboring countries. Read more.

2. Trade balance

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released the Indonesian trade data for August 2015.

Indonesia’s import value in August reached $12.27 billion, up 21.69% compared with the previous month. It also said non-oil exports in August were mostly to the United States, which amounted to $1.33 billion. Read more.

3. Corruption Index

Transparency International (TI) announced Indonesia corruption perception index in eleven cities today.

Of the eleven cities surveyed, Banjarmasin ranked top with a score of 68. Surabaya followed at second with a score of 65 and Semarang with a score of 60. Meanwhile, Jakarta scored 57 and Bandung is in the lowest position with a value of 39. Read more.

4. Indonesia awaits Fed decision

Indonesia and other emerging economies are pleading for the United States to end their drawn-out agony and raise interest rates now.

Already hit by a commodities crash sparked by the slowing of China’s once-booming economy, the mere prospect of the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates – perhaps as soon as Thursday – has battered the emerging giants that were once the world’s top performers. Read more

5. Facebook video

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg tried out the latest features of Facebook, Mentions.

In the video, he shows Facebook’s office, including his work bench. “This is the first live video from Facebook’s office,” he said. Read more. –

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