VIRAL: Macaques killed, tied on motorcycles and mocked online

Zachary Lee
VIRAL: Macaques killed, tied on motorcycles and mocked online
Netizens express anger and sorrow for the macaques

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A series of photos posted in social media showing two dying macaques with all its four limbs tied up on a motorcycle went viral in Indonesia, as netizens decry animal cruelty.

The photos were posted by a Facebook user from West Kalimantan on April 20.

In the photos, the macaques are seen with cigarettes in their mouths, and could hardly open their eyes. 

The man, who goes by “Rama Dhan,” captioned the photo: “Even macaques are good at smoking,” referencing the country’s widespread smoking culture.

Some men in the photo were also smiling.

As of Wednesday afternoon, April 27, a week after the photos were posted, more than 4,200 netizens shared the photos, and comments expressed anger towards the Facebook user, while others voiced their sadness and pity for the monkeys.

Sustyo Iriyono, Head of the Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) in West Kalimantan, told local media that they have found the man who posted the photo on Facebook after receiving a report on April 22.

The poster’s real name is reportedly Abdul. Instead of facing any crminal charges for animal abuse, he only received a stern warning by BKSDA because there was no evidence that it was he who killed the macaques.

“We condemn every action of hunting, trading, and killing any wild animals. These macaques shown in the post were obviously wild and belonged in their natural habitat,” Nico Hermanu, communication officer of the Borneo orangutan survival center, told Rappler on Wednesday, April 27.

Hermanu said that the foundation has called for an end to such barbaric actions.

“We strongly believe that this is not a good example for young generation,” he said.

“We also hope for a more intensive education for the public on the importance of conservation of the forest and its biodiversity.” –


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