Teacher punishes student with a haircut, parents take revenge

Teacher punishes student with a haircut, parents take revenge
You'll never guess what the parents did to the teacher as revenge

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A part-time teacher was taken by surprise Thursday afternoon, June 2, when the parents of one of her students at school exacted revenge at her for punishing their child.

Hair Jamilah, 39, a teacher at Radak Baru Village in West Kalimantan, was charged upon by her student’s parents and cut her hair – this in return to Jamilah cutting her student’s hair as a form of punishment.

Jamilah was sitting with her neighbors in the village when the parents, Eko Sunarko and Suparno arrived, along with a pair of scissors.

Mempawas Police Chief Dedi Agustono recalled the event to local reporters on Thursday and said “the perpetrator, Suparno, grabbed Jamilah’s hair while Eko Sunarko immediately cut the victim’s hair with scissors.”

The parents were said to be angered by the teacher cutting their child’s hair and deemed it unacceptable.

“Previously, the teacher had cut the hair of the perpetrators’ child to educate her,” added Agustono as quoted by local media.

Teachers in Indonesia are known to use corporal punishment and harsh disciplinary measures to students who disobey school regulations. The Law on Child Protection Act in Indonesia protects children from violent abuses in schools but does not explicitly prohibit corporal punishment.

The local police received a report about the incident soon after it happened and have taken the teacher’s hair along with the pair of scissors used as evidence.

The parents involved in the act have also been taken into custody but the charges against them are still unknown.

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