IN PHOTOS: Special Jakarta market serves Ramadan treats

Zachary Lee
IN PHOTOS: Special Jakarta market serves Ramadan treats
Some of these snacks are exclusive only to Ramadan

JAKARTA, Indonesia – In the bustling city of Jakarta, there’s a unique market which only opens during Ramadan. Crowds flock to the the market when Muslims break fast. 

Benhill traditional market, known as “Bendungan Hilir” in Bahasa Indonesia, is located in Central Jakarta. About 70 stalls participate in the month-long food fair that takes during Islam’s holiest month. 

At around 3pm daily, vendors start to prepare their food. Here, you can find snacks sold only during Ramadan, like, Kue Talam – a snack made of rice, tapioca flour and coconut milk. KUE TALAM. The snack is sweet and sticky. Photo by Zachary Lee.

Another must-try is Bubur Sumsum, or sweet rice flour porridge, which is served with coconut milk, in a crater of melted brown suger to create a smooth texture. SWEET PORRIDGE. Bubur Sumsum is a must-try Ramadan snack. Photo by Zachary Lee

Check out more food photos below:

LEMANG. Lemang is rice served in bamboo. Photo by Zachary Lee.

SATE PADANG. This speciality satay from Padang is served with thick, hot sauce or peanut sauce. Photo by Zachary Lee

GUDEG JOGJA. The savory, traditional Javanese dish from Yogyakarta is made from young, unripe jack fruit. Photo by Zachary Lee


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