Trump to Republicans: ‘Don’t watch’ Democratic convention

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Trump to Republicans: ‘Don’t watch’ Democratic convention
'Unless you want to be lied to, belittled and attacked for your beliefs, don't watch Hillary's DNC speech tonight,' Trump's campaign says in a fundraising email

PHILADELPHIA, USA – Millions of Americans have tuned in to watch this month’s party conventions, with the Democratic confab ahead in the ratings – prompting Donald Trump’s Republicans to urge supporters not to watch Hillary Clinton’s landmark speech on Thursday night, July 28.

Data compiled by ratings agency Nielsen show the Democratic event in Philadelphia outperforming the Republican convention in Cleveland all 3 nights so far.

Clinton will accept the White House nomination later Thursday on the gathering’s final night, but Trump’s team exhorted Republicans to steer clear.

“Unless you want to be lied to, belittled and attacked for your beliefs, don’t watch Hillary’s DNC speech tonight,” Trump’s campaign said in a fundraising email.

“Instead, help Donald Trump hold her accountable, call out her lies and fight back against her nasty attacks.”

On the opening day, Democrats drew nearly 26 million viewers, compared to 23 million for the Republicans. Day two saw the Democrats earn 24.7 million viewers, almost 5 million more than the GOP, according to Nielsen.

Democrats drew 24.4 million viewers on day 3, one million more than the Republican convention.

Some of the biggest names in pop music including Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Paul Simon have headlined the event in Philadelphia.

The Democratic events has more political star power too, although that was expected given that their party occupies the White House. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden went to bat for Clinton Wednesday night, July 27, while her husband Bill, himself a former president, delivered the keynote speech on Tuesday, July 26, and First Lady Michelle Obama spoke Monday, July 25.

The performances come in stark contrast to the previous week’s Republican convention which had few famous entertainers despite billionaire nominee Donald Trump’s boast that he would bring some showbiz pizzazz.

But the higher Democratic ratings are still seen as a surprise, given that Trump has been such a consistently strong media draw throughout the presidential campaign. –

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