WATCH: Jessica Wongso’s expression the moment the guilty verdict was read
Here is the moment when the verdict was read, with English subtitles.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – An Indonesian court on Thursday, October 27, found Jessica Wongso guilty of murder in a trial that has swept the nation. The court sentenced her to 20 years in prison. (READ: 28-year-old found guilty of murdering friend)

Wongso was accused of putting a fatal dose of cyanide on her friend Mirna Salihin’s coffee on January 6, 2016. The two were university friends in Sydney. 

(IN PHOTOS: Indonesia’s biggest murder trial ends in guilty verdict for Jessica Wongso)

Salihin, 27, died just minutes after sipping her Vietnamese iced coffee. Police say the coffee was laced with cyanide, which they allege Wongso placed in the cup.

Wongso denied the charges. (READ: What you need to know about Indonesia’s biggest murder trial)

The defense plans to appeal the sentence.

Here is the exact verdict and Wongso’s reaction when the verdict was read. –