Macron vows ‘unrelenting fight’ against Islamist terror after police killings

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Macron vows ‘unrelenting fight’ against Islamist terror after police killings


Reports say that a USB key containing details on dozens of Mickael Harpon's police colleagues has been found among his possessions

PARIS, France – French President Emmanuel Macron vowed an “unrelenting fight” against Islamist extremists on Tuesday, October 8, at a memorial ceremony for 4 Paris police staff stabbed to death last week by a radicalized colleague.

Mickael Harpon, a 45-year-old computer expert in the police intelligence-gathering department, used a kitchen knife and an oyster shucker to kill one female and 3 male colleagues in a 30-minute rampage that ended when an officer shot him in the head.

“We will wage an unrelenting fight in the face of Islamist terrorism,” Macron said at the ceremony at police headquarters, where the attack took place.

The killings in the police’s inner sanctum have shocked France, where the government is being pressed to answer how Harpon’s radicalization failed to raise red flags.

Macron said it was “inconceivable and unacceptable” that Harpon, who had worked for the police since 2003, had managed to carry out an attack “in the very place where we pursue terrorists and criminals.”

He blamed the attack on “a distorted, deadly Islam” which he vowed to “eradicate” and build in France a “society in a state of vigilance.”

He called on all of France to unify and act in order to overcome what he termed the “Islamist hydra,” referring to the multi-headed serpent of Greek mythology.

But he also warned against lapsing into a climate of permanent suspicion, emphasizing, “This is not a fight against a religion but against the distortion of it which leads to terrorism.”

The bloodshed on Thursday, October 3 – the first deadly attack in France in 10 months – brought to 255 the number of people killed in a string of assaults blamed on, or claimed by Islamist radicals, mainly the Islamic State group, since 2015.

The security forces have regularly been targeted.

In one of the grisliest attacks, a police couple were stabbed to death in front of their 3-year-old son at their home near Paris by a man claiming allegiance to IS, who also broadcast the attack live on Facebook.

– Propaganda videos –

Harpon, a father of two, had converted to Islam about 10 years ago and adopted increasingly radical beliefs.

He had been in close contact with a hardline Salafist imam in the months before his rampage last week, according to investigators.

His wife was released from custody on Sunday, October 6, after 3 days of questioning.

Le Parisien newspaper reported Tuesday that a USB key containing details on dozens of his police colleagues had been found among his possessions.

The paper, citing unnamed sources close to the inquiry, said it was not clear if Harpon had gathered the data as part of his job or had surreptitiously extracted it, as well as whether he had shared it with others.

The key also contained several ISIS propaganda videos, it added.

The 4 victims of the attack – Damien Ernest, Anthony Lancelot, Aurelia Trifiro and Brice Le Mescam – were posthumously awarded the Legion of Honour, France’s highest civilian award, at Tuesday’s remembrance ceremony.

Ernest, a father of two with 28 years of service, had been planning to get married to his long-time partner, Macron said.

The coffins of the 4, which were draped in French flags, were borne into the courtyard of the building by fellow officers.

– Interior minister under fire –

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner has faced opposition calls for his resignation after initially claiming that Harpon never gave the “slightest reason for alarm” before going on the rampage.

On Tuesday, the minister was subjected to a closed-door grilling by a parliamentary intelligence delegation ahead of questioning later by a parliamentary commission.

Castaner will also be questioned by a Senate panel on Thursday as to why Harpon, who told colleagues that the 12 people killed in the 2015 massacre at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper “deserved it,” did not set off alarm bells.

The minister lamented on Monday, October 7, that those who heard the remarks did not flag them up to their superiors.

“The warning signs should have been sufficient to trigger a thorough investigation,” he said.

Parliament speaker Richard Ferrand on Tuesday announced a commission of inquiry into last week’s attack.

In the wake of that attack the interior ministry set up a dedicated cell to track potential Islamist radicals within the ranks of the security forces.

Le Parisien reported Tuesday that 19 interior ministry employees were currently under surveillance. –

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