WATCH: Coronavirus fears ruin leap year birthday
Marian Choi is turning 40 years old on her 10th birthday, but she can't celebrate it

LEAP YEAR BABY. Hong Konger Marian Choi's leap year birthday is spoiled by the coronavirus fears. AFP Photo

HONG KONG, China – Marian Choi, an engineer and mother of 3, had been looking forward to celebrating her 10th birthday – or, technically, her 40th – with a big party on February 29.

But the Hong Konger’s plans have been thwarted by fears over the new coronavirus and her elderly parents who live in Australia have cancelled their tickets to come and visit their daughter.

I was supposed to hold a big party with my friends and my parents, my mom and dad, because they’re getting old and I really want them to come all the way from Australia to spend my special day with me. But unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, it’s better for them to stay in Australia instead,” she says. –