Firefighters battle Idaho wildfires

Agence France-Presse
Since August 7, the 'Beaver Creek Fire' has destroyed more than 103,000 acres (42,000 hectares) and is only 8% contained

LOS ANGELES, USA – Some 1,200 firefighters were Monday, August 19, battling a giant blaze threatening a ski resort in the US state of Idaho favored by Hollywood film stars.

Since August 7, the “Beaver Creek Fire” has destroyed more than 103,000 acres (42,000 hectares) and is only 8% contained.

Authorities have ordered the evacuation of 2,200 houses in an area where a number of actors — including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks — have vacation homes.

High temperatures, low humidity and wind are complicating efforts by firefighters whose work is already hampered by the mountainous terrain.

In addition to trucks and planes, water cannons used to make snow in the winter are also on site.

Insurance companies have even sent in reinforcement to protect the luxury homes.

Idaho is currently hit by several wildfires.

The “Elk Complex Fire” and the “Pony Complex Fire” — both near the capital Boise — combined have destroyed some 280,000 acres (113,000 hectares), according to authorities.

The first is 65 percent contained and the second 97 percent.

Other celebrity homes were briefly threatened by flames on Sunday, August 18, in the well-to-do district of Calabasas, northwest of Lost Angeles.

It was sparked by in the early afternoon by a car fire that was put out several hours later. –