‘Canadian Psycho’ suspect arrested in Berlin

Agence France-Presse
Berlin police said they have arrested a former gay porn star wanted for murder in Canada

BERLIN, Germany – Berlin police said Monday, June 4, they had arrested the internationally wanted murder suspect dubbed the “Canadian Psycho,” a former gay porn star accused of chopping up his lover and filming the attack.

A police spokesman confirmed that authorities picked up 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta in an Internet cafe in Neukoelln, a working-class district of Berlin.

“I can confirm that the person arrested was the wanted Magnotta,” the spokesman told AFP.

The arrest in Berlin brought to an end days of cat-and-mouse with French authorities who had been tracking Magnotta in Paris since “at least Friday,” according to police in France.

With the help of Magnotta’s cell phone signal, police had traced him to a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet which they visited Saturday on a tip-off from a witness, a police source said Sunday.

Magnotta had left his hotel room, where police found items such as pornographic magazines and airsick bags bearing the logo of the airline on which he left Canada for France more than a week ago, the source said.

French police had launched “targeted searches” for Magnotta after Canadian investigators said he boarded a France-bound plane on May 26 in Montreal.

Song from film

The suspect has been dubbed Canadian Psycho by the press because a video circulating online and believed to be linked to him shows a man stab another with an ice pick and dismember him while a song from the film “American Psycho” plays in the background.

Interpol on Thursday issued a Red Notice wanted-persons alert for Magnotta, also known as Eric Clinton Newman and Vladimir Romanov, to its 190 member countries after a video of the grisly killing surfaced online.

The murder came to light when Canadian police said Tuesday that a human foot had been sent to the headquarters of Canada’s ruling Conservative Party.

A hand was later found in the mail at an Ottawa post office, and a torso was discovered in Montreal. Canadian police believe the remains belong to a man who was dating Magnotta — and that Magnotta is to blame.

The victim, a student identified as Lin Jun, had been “in a relationship” with the porn star, according to Montreal police.

The hunt turned to an international bus station in Paris on Monday, as police began checking whether Magnotta fled France via Eurolines, which operates buses travelling throughout France and Europe.

One employee at the station claimed to have seen Magnotta board a bus to Berlin on Friday night while another said someone bearing a close resemblance to the suspect had boarded a bus for Romania.

Eurolines management refused to comment on the matter.

Magnotta has a history of trying to disappear.

In addition to having had plastic surgery on his face — apparently to look more like James Dean — he often wears lipstick and make-up, has dyed his hair and worn wigs, and sometimes dresses up as a woman.

Described as handsome and narcissistic, the 29-year-old, who naturally has black hair and blue eyes, has also changed his name and used several aliases.

He made a 2009 posting on the Internet offering advice on how to vanish and never be found.

“A minimum of four months is really necessary to carry out the heroic actions necessary to leave your old life behind,” he reportedly wrote.

He said a person must withdraw from all social circles, possess two sets of false identification papers, convert all assets to cash and then take a bus to a chosen destination, after selling a car somewhere else to mislead police. – Agence France-Presse

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